It is the responsibility of the Client to make these Terms and Conditions known to the voucher user. Cathay Cineplexes will not be responsible or liable for issues arising out of non-compliance to these Terms and Conditions. Cathay Cineplexes will also not be responsible or liable for issues between Client and the voucher user.

General Terms and Conditions for Vouchers

  1. Full payment has to be made by the Payment Due Date stated in the contract. Otherwise contract will automatically be invalid.
  2. Seven working days is required to process the order after full payment is received.
  3. All vouchers are only valid for use at Cathay Cineplexes in Singapore.
  4. All vouchers purchased are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.
  5. All vouchers are not valid for redemption for group/corporate bookings or for bulk redemptions (exceeding 20 or more tickets), as well as other promotions and discounts such as but not limited to credit card rebates.
  6. Strictly no extension of the voucher’s validity will be permitted.
  7. All vouchers are not valid for internet and kiosk bookings.
  8. All vouchers cannot be sold or advertised without the prior written consent of Cathay Cineplexes.
  9. Cathay Cineplexes will not accept any voucher which, in its opinion, has been unlawfully obtained, is or appears to be counterfeit, has expired or been voided, or is or appears to be altered, defaced, damaged or tampered with. The decision of Cathay Cineplexes is final.
  10. There will be no replacement of voucher if it is lost or damaged.
  11. The Client is required to self-collect the vouchers. All vouchers must be collected at the same time.
  12. If vouchers are not collected from collection point within two weeks from date of email notification, collection will be from head office. Vouchers may be collected up to expiry date.
  13. Total cost stated is inclusive of GST and administrative charges.
  14. The Management reserves the right to amend any of the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  15. Only digital vouchers with serial numbers starting with 'SG', 'SS', 'SQ', 'TD', 'TE', 'SY', 'ND' (e.g. SG01234567890) can be used to redeem for movie tickets online.


Collection Location Collection Time
Cathay Cineplexes Box Offices 11am to 7pm
Head Office 9am to 5pm

Terms and Conditions for each Voucher Type

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