1. What safety measures are currently in effect at your cinemas?
2. Ticketing
3. What forms of payment do you accept at the box offce counters?
4. Can I use my movie vouchers to book tickets for any movie?
5. Why are your ticket prices revised?
6. How many days in advance can I book tickets?
7. Why was a movie showtime that I saw available online earlier not available for purchase/booking at your box office anymore?
8. How do you tell if a movie is on the "No Free List"?
9. Can I cancel my booking and request for a refund?
10. Am I able to make changes to my purchased tickets?
11. How can I make changes to the date/time of my booking?
12. Do children need to purchase movie tickets?
13. What are the Terms and Conditions of the special Student’s Rate at all Cathay Cineplexes?
14. What are special rates for senior citizens?
15. Can I purchase movie tickets for any Cathay Cineplexes from your box office?
16. What do film ratings mean?
17. What are your box office's operating/opening hours?
18. Can I bring food and drinks into the theatres?
19. I lost my original movie ticket or original F&B receipt. Can I get a reprint of my movie ticket or collect my F&B based on my credit card receipt?
20. Do you provide wheelchair facilities?
21. Why can't I select seats by leaving a space in between?
22. Why can I only book a maximum of 10 tickets?
23. Can subtitles be provided for the movie so as to aid the hearing impaired community?
24. I can't find my answer in this FAQ, who can I contact to get help?
25. How do I find out more about a job / career at Cathay Cineplexes?
26. I need an official receipt for my purchase for company / office / staff claim or mall redemption, how do I get it?
27. What is your refund policy?
1. Why is there a different ticket pricing for movies categorized as “Blockbuster”?
2. What is a “Blockbuster” film?
3. When are online movie schedules updated?
4. Can I select seats?
5. What forms of payments do you accept online?
6. Is it safe to use my credit card?
7. How much does it cost?
8. Why is there an additional Booking Fee charge?
9. What about GST?
10. Are there any Credit Card Discounts / Movie Gift Vouchers / Complimentary Passes / Promotions that is applicable with booking via website?
11. How many tickets can I purchase online?
12. How do I collect my tickets?
13. Do I require my credit/ debit card to collect my tickets?
14. Will I be charged if I do not collect my tickets?
15. When is my credit/debit card charged?
16. Where can I make an enquiry if I cannot find the answer here?
17. Why can I only book a maximum of 10 tickets?
18. How do I check if my booking is confirmed?
19. Why is there an error with my booking or multiple charges?
20. I have other queries about my booking, how do I get more information?
21. I typed in the wrong email address or mobile number during the booking process, but the booking is confirmed. How do I resend my confirmation email?
22. I've been charged and I've checked that there isn't a booking confirmation / I've been charged double or twice for one booking, how do I request for a refund?
23. Can I collect my movie tickets / booking early/earlier?
24. Can I redeem my digital movie voucher online?
1. Why am I paying a premium price for Platinum Movie Suites?
2. Does Platinum Movie Suites include food and beverage or in-theatre dining?
3. Is there a dress code for Platinum Movie Suites?
4. What are the operating hours for the lounge & suites?
5. Are children allowed into the Platinum Movie Suites?
6. Are members of the public allowed into the lounge without purchasing a Platinum Movie Suites ticket?
7. Are pillows and blankets provided in the cinema hall?
8. How much does each ticket at the Platinum Movie Suites cost?
9. Where can I find out more about current promotions and privileges?
10. How can I make changes to my booking?
11. What if I booked a Platinum Movie Suites ticket instead of a normal ticket which I intended to?
12. What is your refund policy?
13. Where are Platinum Movie Suites located?
14. Are we able to purchase Platinum Movie Suites tickets from regular counters or other sites as well?
15. How do I contact Platinum Movie Suites if I have enquiries?
16. How do I give my feedback regarding my Platinum Movie Suites experience?
1. Why is a 3D movie ticket more expensive than regular movie ticket?
2. What happens if there is a defect found on the glasses before or during the movie? (Eg: I don't feel the 3D effect)
3. Are the 3D glasses free-sized?
4. What should I do if I feel nauseous / ill?
5. Can I get a full refund if I find the 3D effects disturbing?
6. Are children below 3 years of age allowed to watch 3D movie screenings?
7. Can I purchase the 3D glasses as a memento?
8. Why do we have to purchase our own 3D glasses now when watching a 3D film?
1. What are Ultima seats?
2. What are the prices for Ultima seats?
1. Can I hold a corporate event or book a hall at Cathay Cineplexes?
2. Can I book a hall at Cathay Cineplexes for religious purposes?
3. How can I buy movie vouchers?