Magik PG *
Beto Kusyairy, Nadia Aqilah, Qisya Hairulzain
Yasu Tanaka

KIT (7) is deaf. She lives in a small village in Kuala Selangor, famous for its firefly habitat. Her
parents with normal hearing struggle with their financial situaLon as her father is only a boat man
taking tourists on the firefly tour. Kit’s mother wants her to learn sign language and go to school.
But Kit is not brave enough to communicate with people. She tends more to live in her own world,
preferring to be surrounded by nature.
One day. Kit encounters a firefly that seems to communicate with her by flashing and flying in a
certain manner. Excited to have made a new friend, she tries to communicate with the firefly by
using some sign language that she learnt from her mother. Like a music conductor, Kit seems to
be able to control a big group of fireflies by orchestraLng their magical illuminaLon in the dark of
the night. However, less and less fireflies are seen lately due to an unstable weather phenomenon.
This affects the commercial income for the people in Kit’s village. The firefly habitat area is also
in the process of conservaLon and rehabilitaLon. Kit’s father is worried about the building of the
Science Museum by the river that will further create problems. What a liTle deaf girl does to help
in this predicament is - nothing short of magical!

113 mins
30 Nov 2023
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