Fanna PG13 *
Fify Azmi, Syafie Naswip, Colleen Rosanna, Andy Black Tan, Rashid Salleh, Charles Nilbert, Zakaria Zahili
Andy Liew Weng Sum

FANNA is a heartwarming love drama film that tells the story of Fanna, a cancer survivor who falls in love with Shafik, the son of a criminal gang leader. Unfortunately, their love is only realized at the end of Fanna’s life, when her cancer returns more aggressively. Shafik also realized that he has fallen in love with Fanna, but things get complicated when another criminal gang attempts to kill him due to an ongoing dispute between the two gangs. The situation worsens when Black, the younger brother of the rival gang leader, is killed when Shafik tries to save Fanna after she is kidnapped by Black. Realizing the danger that awaits them, Shafik and Fanna flee to a hiding place outside the country. In truth, Shafik never wanted to be bad; he was only following his father’s wishes.. Now, he realizes that Fanna is more precious than anything. In pursuit of happiness, Shafik decides to marry Fanna, who is critically ill.......

Romance, Drama
PG13, Some Violence
87 mins
28 Sep 2023
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